General Awareness SET VIII

(21)Which among the following inscription is known as Prayaga Prashasti ?

(a) Allahabad Pillar Inscription

(b) Mehroil Inscription

(c) Aihole Inscription

(d)Hathigumpha Inscription

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Answer: a

(22)Which of the following pair is NOT correctly matched ?

(a) Alberuni -Uzbekisthan

(b) Marco Polo -Italy

(c) Nikitin -Samarkand

(d)Ibn Batuta -Morocco

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Answer: c

(23)The island of Honshu in Japan is famous for

(a) Iron ore

(b) Coal

(c) Diamonds


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Answer: d

(24) ‘Intervening opportunities model’ was proposed by

(a) S.A. Stouffer

(b) E.S. Lee

(c) Davis


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Answer: a

(25)The book ‘Problem of Human Geography’ was written by

(a) De Mortonne

(b) Albert Demangeon

(c) None of these

(d)Jean brunches

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Answer: b

(26)Philadelphia is famous for

(a) Silk textiles

(b) Ship-building

(c) Dairy industry


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Answer: d

(27)40 degree N latitude acts as demarcation line between :

(a) Egypt and Sudan

(b) North and South Vietnam

(c) USA and Canada

(d)North and South korea

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Answer: c

(28)August Weismann proposed

(a) Inheritance of acquired character

(b) Natural selection theory

(c) Germ Plasma theory

(d)Mordern synthetic theory

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Answer: c

(29)Which of the following breeds od chicken belongs to Mediterranian class?

(a) Sussex

(b) Brahma

(c) Sustra lorp

(d) Leghorn

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Answer: d

(30)Lakes which contain high concentration of humic acid in water is

(a) Deep ancient lakes

(b) Dystrophoic lakes

(c) Volcanic lakes

(d)Dsert salt lakes

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Answer: b