Covaxin vs Covishield: Which is Better ? Know the details Here

Covaxin vs Covishield Decoded: With the rise in the Covid-19 infection across the country, GOI is putting the maximum efforts to vaccinate the citizens across the country. It is for this reason the registration is open at from 28th April 2021. Thus, the citizen from 18 to 45 can register and get them vaccinated free at any of the Govt Health Centres. But while this process is on, many of the citizen have raised some curiousity about the two vaccines – Covishield or Covaxin. The main queries are which one is better, side effects etc ? Thus, on this page titled ” Covaxin vs Covishield: Which is Better ? ” we tried to decode the exact information for those who are curious to know about this. So, lets get start then.

covaxin vs covishield

What is Covaxin & Covishield Vaccine ?

In India, there are two varieties of Coronavirus vaccines available to the public for vaccination. These two vaccines are –

  • Covaxin Vaccine – developed by Bharat Biotech, India.
  • Covishield Vaccine – developed by Serum Institute, India with Oxford University & AstraZeneca, USA .

What is the difference in their preparation ?

Covishield Vaccine is manufactured and marketed by Serum Institute of India. This is a viral vector vaccine that uses an adenovirus found in Chimpanzees, ChAD0x1, to deliver spike proteins and mount a tolerable immune response in response to a live virus.

On the other hand, Covaxin is also a traditionally made vaccine by Bhartat Biotech which uses an inactive viral strain. It makes use of a dead virus that drafts an immune response.

Thus, in short Covaxin and Covishield are both similar vaccines made using inactive/ modified versions of the virus.

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Number of doses required

Well both Covaxin and Covishield need 2 (two) doses vaccines. Now after the first dose, Covaxin’s second dose needs to be given 4-6 weeks, while in case of Covishield, the second dose could be delayed, i.e. 6-8 weeks after the first dose.

Which one is Better ? Covaxin or Covishield

Covishield, which wrapped up trials in November 2020 carries an efficacy rate of 70%, which could be further scaled up to 90% if the dosing is given half a dose, followed by a full dose a month later. The tolerability and protection have also been found to be well-suited and thought to reduce the risk of symptomatic infections and speed up recovery timelines, which has been much talked about recently.

Covaxin, a late entrant in the race, had completed major trials by the end of February. As per interim results and clinical studies, the Bharat Biotech vaccine was found to carry over 78% efficacy. Additionally, there has also been clinical evidence that suggests that Covaxin could reduce severity and mortality risk by a whopping 100 %.

Thus, covaxin efficacy rate is better in comparison to covishield.

Side-effects of Covaxin & Covishield

Now similar to other vaccines, both of these vaccines carry reactogenic side effects. Most side-effects recorded with the vaccines are said to be on the milder side- pain at the injection site, tenderness, fever, chills, nausea. Headache, abdominal pain, dizziness, tremors could also be seen in a few cases.

Covishield usage has sparked off the most controversies after some people developed blood clots post usage. In very rare cases, neurological complications have also been reported.

In the case of Covaxin, complications have not been recorded yet. However, early guidelines issued marked the vaccine to be relatively less safe for use by pregnant women.

Final Words

To conclude the Covaxin vs Covishield comparison, we conclude that Covaxin and Covishield both work effectively well to reduce the risk of COVID – 19 symptomatic infections, severity and mortality, which is a major problem we are facing right now. Therefore, apart from getting vaccinated, we must follow the COVID appropriate behaviour, which is the need of the hour.


Which is better ? – Covaxin or Covishield ?

Both of the vaccines Covaxin and Covishield work effectively well to reduce the risk of COVID – 19 symptomatic infections, severity and mortality. While Covaxin has better efficacy rate than covishield.

What is the efficacy rate of Covaxin & Covishield ?

Covaxin Efficacy Rate is over 78% while for Covishield, it is 70%.

What are the side effects of Covaxin & Covishield ?

Both of these vaccines carry reactogenic side effects; in case of Covishield, some people have developed blood clots post usage. In very rare cases, neurological complications have also been reported. While complications have not been recorded yet in case of Covaxin. However, as per reports, covaxin is less safe for pregnant women.

Source: Times of India

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