2-DG: DRDO’s New Anti Covid Drug Efficacy, Price & Availability Details

2-DG DRDO’s Anti Covid Drug Details are discussed here: Defence Research Development Organisation or DRDO has come out with the 2-DG – the first anti-COVID drug in the country. The medicine is developed by DRDO’s Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences in collaboration with Dr Reddy’s Laboratories. Earlier this month on May 1st, Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI), had cleared the formulation of 2-DG for emergency use as an adjunct therapy in moderate to severe Covid-19 patients. Now from 17th May 2021, the first batch of the drug is released for emergency use of coronavirus patients. Scroll down this page to know more on DRDO’s new drug 2-DG as we discussed the development, use, price and availability in the sections below.

Update on 17th May 2021: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan released the first batch of the ‘2-DG’ for emergency to the COVID-19 patients.

Overview of DRDO’s New Anti Covid Drug: 2-DG

Drug Name2-DG
Works onReduce Oxygen Dependence & expedite recovery for Covid-19 patients
Developed byDRDO & Dr. Reddy’ s Laboratories
First Batch release17th May 2021
PriceNot Declared yet.
Drug FormPowder Sachet
CategoryCurrent Events
2-DG: Check DRDO's New Anti Covid Drug

What is “2-DG” ?

2-DG is the short name of 2-deoxy-D-glucose. It is actually an anti covid drug developed by DRDO with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. After several trial and after the clearance of Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI), the drug has been in use from 17th May 2021 in India. This 2-DG Drug is expected to help hospitalised COVID-19 patients by reducing the supplemental dependency on O2 or oxygen.

In What Form 2-DG is available ?

DRDO’s 2-DG or 2-deoxy-D-glucose Drug will be available in powder sachet and this can be taken orally by dissolving in water.

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How does DRDO’s 2-DG Work for Covid-19 Patients ?

The DRDO’s new drug 2-DG has been out into use after extensive research and trials. Moreover, it is approved by DCGI for treatment of coronavirus patients. On being consumed by patients, it accumulates in the virus-infected cells and prevents virus growth by stopping viral synthesis and energy production, thereby stops the growth of the coronavirus.

2-DG drug Price Details

The price of 2-DG has not been decided yet as it is only in use for the severe Covid-19 patients. However, As per NDTV, the price of 2-DG drug will be decided by DRDO’s industry partners Dr Reddy’s Laboratories.

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Availability of DRDO’s 2-DG Drug

According to the government, 2-DG being a generic molecule and an analogue of glucose, can be easily produced and made available in large quantities.

Why is DRDO’s new 2-DG drug a boon ?

The newly developed 2-DG Drup from DRDO and Dr. Reddy Laboratories came at a time when each and every citizen is concerned to protect himself / herself and their family. The second wave of COVID-19 has a devastating Covid infections which has triggered a race for medical oxygen and hospital beds in most parts of the country. Thus, a drug which reduces Oxygen dependency and expedite recovery, shall surely made the hospitals bed available required for patients requiring critical care. Thus, definitely this is boon to all.

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What is DRDO’s new anti covid drug ?

2-DG or 2-deoxy-D-glucose is the latest DRDO’s new anti covid drug.

Is it approved by the Govt of India ?

Yes, Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) after several clinical trials has approved the drug.

What is the price of 2-DG ?

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories will make an announcement soon

Does the drug helps the patients recovery ?

Yes, use of 2-DG reduces the supplementary Oxygen dependence, thereby helping the patients to recover speedily.

From when will it be available in the market ?

As of 17th March 2021, Govt approved its uses only for severe covid patients, however in a month or so the drug will be available in the market.

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